Trekking through the jungles and mountains drives an adrenaline rush in the body, but sooner or later it could just tear the same body apart if its not supported with adequate gear.

A few things are a must to take for a trek and others are optional to provide some additional comfort or maximize your fun.

Must Have Gear

1. Rucksack Backpack

Rucksacks are great bags, they’re convenient to carry pretty much everywhere whether on a trek or otherwise. I use this Wildcraft 45 Litre Rucksack, for longer journeys you may use this 60 Litre one.

Rucksack & Casual Backpack

2. Casual Backpack

If you have an option to leave your luggage somewhere before you start to trek, do it and don’t think twice. Carry all your essentials in a small casual / laptop backpack.

I recommend this Wildcraft 27 Litres Backpack or just choose your style from American Tourister or Quechua or Wildcraft Backpacks, these companies offer trendy and high quality bags.

3. Raincoat

Weather on mountains could be unpredictable. Its looks like a clear sky one moment and it starts to rain the another. Raincoat is a must.

Preferably, use a 2-piece raincoat, it will be comfortable, cover your full body & last longer. I recommend this Duckback Solid Rain Suit. A cheaper and less durable option is this plastic poncho- Shalimar Reuable Rain Poncho, its hardly reusable though.

Rain Suit & Poncho

4. Waterproof Trekking Shoes

Trekking shoes should be a must for treks. Sports shoes could do the job for smaller and dry treks but its always better to wear trekking shoes, it’ll help if the route turns wet and slippery in rain.

Make sure to use the shoes 3-4 times before you wear them on the trek.

5. Power-bank

Mostly, power points are not available in trekking locations. Battrey bank is another must carry equipment on the treks to power your phone/ camera/ speakers. This 10000maH Zinq Power Bank is cheap & ideal to keep you powered.

6. Sleeping Bag

If you have not bought a holiday package and planned the trip yourself, its best that you carry a water-proof sleeping bag too. You literally can lie down anywhere you feel like with it. This STC Sleeping bag is perfect- cheap & comfortable.

7. Other Essentials

  • Walking Stick/ Trekking Pole –You can use walking sticks (a simple wooden stick) for easy treks. Use Trekking Poles for more complicated treks- (longer treks, snowy treks, treks on rough terrain). They are easily available for purchase/rent at local markets around these trekking locations. You can buy this UDee Trekking Pole.
  • Torch/ Head-torch: Carry a waterproof head torch or at-least a simple torch. I recommend this DOCOSS Military Head Torch.
  • Towel: Everyone has one but they add a lot of weight. And wet towels are a liability. So, I would recommend these Haber Lightweight Towels, these are easy to carry & dry faster.
  • Socks: Carry 5-7 pair of socks for wet & snowy treks.
  • Gloves: Carry waterproof warm gloves for wet & snowy treks. These FabSeasons Gloves are good though a little expensive.
  • Thermals: In winters, research and take adequate thermals & woolens for your location.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

Should Have Gear

8. Portable Speakers

If you don’t have a guitarist in your group, I would say speakers should be a must take gear. There is nothing more refreshing than a musical evening around a campfire.

I would recommend this JBL Flip 4 Portable Speaker. Its waterproof and loud with an amazing sound quality.

9. Camera

If you are into photography, take your DSLR along. I mostly use my phone camera only, sometimes I use Nikon D3400 but as of now I would recommend a Nikon D3500.

10. Your Own Tent

Tents are available for hire at some places or your tour operator may provide it, in that case you may avoid carrying it. But otherwise its a must.For a cheaper option this YFXOHAR 4-Person Tent is good but if you can afford a high quality product use this Quechua 3-Person Tent.

How To Pack?

For packing, there is one universal mantra ‘Pack as less as you can’. People over-pack clothes and forget to pack essential things. So, pack less of unwanted clothes and more of the much needed essential gear.

Happy Trekking !!

Disclosure: Links in the above post are affiliate links. When you buy any product through my affiliate link (not necessarily from the above products), I earn a little commission that helps me in travelling and in running this blog. Please note that you don’t have to pay any additional cost if you are buying through my affiliate links. Thank You.

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